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Our Website has now gone live.. copiers Wiltshire, network scanners, colour copiers?

We last up dated our website 8 years ago and a lot has changed, gone are the days of putting a few key words up on the front page like copiers wiltshire network scanners colour copiers copiers wiltshire copiers wiltshire copiers wiltshire and copiers wiltshire, it was all very random but the more key words .. copiers wiltshire ... you had the higher up google our page appeared... copiers wiltshire... !! now you still have to get in your key words but now every page has to have a tag like copiers wiltshire every photo has to have a tag like copiers wiltshire. too many copiers wiltshire and the google bots think your spam and just ignores you to few key words like copiers wiltshire and google tells you there is not enough... can you guess about our website?? yeah we were 20 copiers wiltshire short. and how do you add more keywords to your website without it looking obvious?? The problem is if you were searching google you would type in copiers wiltshire but to right that into a flowing text you would have to add "in", so you would write something like.. we supply copiers in wiltshire but google doesn't like the in so you have to try and be a bit clever, so we decided to write a blog and tell you all about our copiers wiltshire dilema and hopefully if you ever think of purchasing a copier in wiltshire you will remember us and google copiers wiltshire.. copiers wiltshire..


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