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Leasing printing equipment: stay at the cutting edge.


In recent years, the printing industry has undergone huge transformation. Innovation and digitisation mean that quality and quantities are possible today that would have been unimaginable just a few years ago. In this industry, access to the latest and best technology makes all the difference.


New developments keep on coming, as customers, too, are now acutely aware. But the ever-shorter innovation cycles mean the decision to purchase a printing or photocopying machines cannot be made lightly. Is it really worth the investment? Can we be sure to have the workload needed to use the additional capacity?


Leasing eases these worries, as it preserves capital, gives you a better return and strengthens your market position. Plus, you can guarantee your printer technology is always state-of-the-art.


Leasing office furniture.


Are you moving into a new office, or maybe your desks have seen better days?


Whatever reason you have, one thing is certain: it is not cheap. Particularly in today’s difficult economic climate, companies often postpone or altogether avoid this kind of expenditure in order to protect liquidity or credit lines.


But why wait?


Although leasing office furniture is a relatively new idea, there is no doubt that it is an attractive option. The long average life of office furniture mean entails lengthy depreciation periods. But if you lease, you can immediately tax-deduct the payments, cutting costs in comparison to outright purchase.


Plus, you enjoy all the usual advantages of leasing:

  • protects liquidity

  • protects credit lines

  • offers regular, predictable installments

  • offers tax advantages, as the instalments are included under operating expenses

  • enables capital expenditure, even in difficult economic circumstances.


Leasing software and business equipment.


Not only can we lease or own equipment but we can also supply finance for most business capital expenditure.

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