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UK Business Photocopier Reviews 2017


Finding the right photocopier for your needs is no easy task, there is such a vast choice of manufacturers, machines and dealers it's difficult to know where to start. So the best thing to do is start at the beginning by deciding which size of machine you need.


By knowing how many prints you do each month it's a good start to know which machine is right for you.

First don't be scared of colour, for a start it makes more professional looking documents and if you currently get your letterheads printed you will find it much cheaper to print these yourself especially when you think your paying twice, once for the printing of the letterhead and once more to print onto them.

So work out how much you are likely to do,


A few a week then you are better off getting a cheap ink-jet type machine, this will give you a low purchase price but the cost per print will be expensive but if you are only doing a few then the cost overall will still be cheap.


If you are more likely to do around 50-100 prints per

week you would need to look at a laser machine, this

will cost a bit more to purchase but the cost to print

will be far cheaper but rather than buying a cheaper

home machine you would be better looking at a

business machine something like the Sharp MXC-250,

the reason for this is simply the running costs, like

the saying goes “there's no such thing as something

for nothing” so if you buy on purchase price alone

you will find the cost of toners and the yield of the

cartridges will become extremely expensive and the

machine also has to have drums and transfer belts

replaced and these are charged separately. Ask

yourself what happens if it goes wrong?most will

have a return to base warranty for a year so you

will need to return the machine back to the

manufacturer at your cost and be without the

machine while the repair takes place. With a

business machine you can agree a cost per copy

and all repairs and all toners, consumables and

on-site repairs are included and will work out far

cheaper overall with the support a small business requires.




If your more likely to do 75 to 500 per week then you

would be better looking at an entry level A3 copier,

the Sharp mx2614 is a speedy 26 prints per minute

but with the sort of volume of a small office you will

find that you will scan a lot more and you will need

something more robust and quick and easy for

multiple users plus as the size of the machine goes up

the cost per copy comes down so financially it makes sense.





For higher volumes of between 450 to 2000 per week

the Sharp mx3560 would be an ideal machine, it's 35

copies per minute and has some neat touches like the

ability to print word documents directly from a usb

stick, being able to print directly from an ipad or

phone and it will even detect you as you walk towards

it and turn itself on.





Now you have decided what size of machine you need you need to choose a manufacturer, this is simpler than it sounds, all machines are much the same and are all reliable and well built so rather than go on the “get 3 quotes now sites” you are better off searching for a dealer in your area, the comparison sites are lead generators and sell your lead to up to ten dealers who pay a lot for the lead so you may get a lot of sales people calling you and they all have to get the cost of the lead back.


When you have searched for your local dealers look at what makes of machines the supply, we are a sharp dealer in Wiltshire and we have to be competitive and give fantastic customer service because there is also another two sharp dealers in the county as well as two national companies who cover our area and you can also buy directly from the manufacturer. If the dealer has no direct competition you may find the customer service not to the same standard.






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