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Reviews.. We aim to give you an informed choice so you can make the right decision for your business. 

Mono Reviews


Sharp MX-M182, MX-M202, MX-M232


Sharp MX-M182,MX-M202 and MX-M232 are entry level A3 mono business machines, they are 18,20 and 23 copies respectively and have very few differences between them accept speed and standard items such as document feeders and cassettes (the more the speed the more equipment as standard).


They are extremely reliable, Robust, good looking and cheap to run.


They come as standard with printing and basic colour scanning and for most small office these machines are perfect.... but if you need a machine to be network ready for multiple users and need more than one person to scan you will need to add a network card and consider some extra memory and the problem is that suddenly the colour MX2314 becomes cheaper due to the fact it comes network ready as standard, but don't worry about the cost of the colour prints as there is only a minimal extra charge for colour and if you don't select colour that's all you get charged but with the added benefit of colour if you need it and at a fraction of the cost of any other colour printer. 


Sharp MX-M264N, MX-314N, MX-M354


The Sharp MX-M264,MX-M314 and MX354 are a much more robust machine than the entry level MX-M182 which is fine for small work groups and low to mid volumes but the MX-M264 is a completely different type of machine and most things that are needed for larger workgroups come as standard like document feeders 1100 paper feed, full colour scanning and mono network printing and copying at 26,31 and 35 prints per minute. costs for the machine and cost per print are nearly identical to the Sharp MX2314 but the MX has the added flexibility over the MX-M, but if you absolutely only want a mono printer the MX-M would be a great addition to any office and highly recommended.

Sharp have finally replaced the base A3 units with Five new ones, these are not just a simple update but they have really set out to improve on the already impressive line up. 

Okay when we say there are five new models there are actually only one model but with five different versions, the base model "The Sharp AR 2060" is 20 copies per minute A4-A3 produces crisp and low cost per copy comes standard with one 250 sheet cassette printing and colour scanning, 

The D in the AR6020D stands for duplex, so it has double sided printing and with the optional reversing automatic document feeder Double sided copying and scanning.

The Sharp AR6020N has all the above but has standard network printing,

The Sharp AR6023D has all the same functionality of the AR6020D so standard duplex but now runs slightly faster at 23 prints per minute

The Sharp AR6023N has all the same functionality as the Sharp AR6023D but is now network ready.

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