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Reviews.. We aim to give you an informed choice so you can make the right decision for your business. 


Colour Reviews

Sharp MX-C250F MX-C300W MX-C301W




Sharp have recently introduced the A4 only MX-C 250F and MX-C300/301W entry level business colour 4 in 1 machines, All Print in colour up to A4, colour scan, copy and fax. these are not to be confused with home based products and will handle anything most offices can throw at it. They are up to 25 and 30 prints per minute respectively and have a warm up time from cold of under 30 seconds. All duplex print but the MX-C250 has a document feeder but both the MX-C300 and 301have reversing document feeders for copying or scanning of double sided originals and for this reason we would recommend the MX-C300 or MX-C301over the MX-C250. 

All are easy to set up for network printing and can be set up directly from the add printer function on any PC. The scanning Is fairly easy to set up but does require a little extra know how. The ease of use for all three models is simple but the MX-C301 has a far better screen and would definitely be better suited if more than a couple of people are going to use it especially for scanning. 

Overall these machines are stylish, well build and have low cost per print charges and are simple to use and set up and offer a good value solution for entry level colour printing and scanning.


Sharp MX-2314, MX-2614, MX-3114


These are the smallest A3 colour printer/scanner and photocopiers in the Sharp range and represent fantastic value for money especially compared to other manufacturer's machines on the market. They are all stylish and robust and will easily outlast the original 5 year cycle that all machines are designed for without looking bulky and old fashioned. The previous model to these on which these machines are based have been both a sales success and have been exceptionally reliable and we have a few that have nearly hit the million cycle mark with only general servicing which is a fantastic achievement and something that other reviewers have confirmed with their own tests. The main difference between the three are copy speed as scan speeds are the same 50 pages per minute, the MX2314 runs at 23 copies per minute the MX2614 runs at 26 pages per minute and the MX3114 runs at 31 pages per minute. The MX2314 has the option of a hard drive and both the MX2614 and MX3114 have a 320gb HD as standard, in reality the standard 3gb memory of the MX2314 is normally enough for most office environments but if drawings and heavy volume scanning are required then it might be better option to look at the faster machines, there is always the option to add the hard drive at a later date.



Sharp MX-2640 MX-3140 MX-4140


Sharp MX2640 MX3140 and MX3640 series of full colour copier/printer/scanners have really hit the nail on the head. Since their release we have had nothing but excellent feedback and praise of these wonderful systems. They suit everyone in the office from the technically challenged to the I.T specialist's. They print in stunning 1200 x 1200 DPI full colour with Pantone colour matching and have a surprisingly fast document feeder for scanning. 

The Sharp MX-2640N, MX-3140N and MX-3640N are 26, 31 and 36 pages per minute. Our most popular seller in this series is the MX-2640N. Customers who need A3 and colour flock to this model because it’s inexpensive and it will print plans/drawings in vibrant color on the size they need. Proof your work before sending it to an expensive plotter.

Scan the document to yourself for archiving, or email a PDF document directly to a customer? No problem. This system scans to network folders, email addresses, and FTP - all at the same time if you’d like.

Print from Apple not just microsoft. the MX2640 has Postscript 3 as well as pcl6 so setting up printing from any device is a breeze and so simple to set up. 

Sick of junk faxes printing out on your office copier/fax? Have the Sharp printer forward all incoming faxes to an email address (or group of email addresses) or a shared network folder for distribution. This saves time, toner and offers the convenience of forwarding a fax to your email to have remote access on your smart phone. 

The screen is a revelation and you can do so much more than on a standard machine, scan and view on the printer screen, edit.. no problem, all from the screen.. One day all machines will be this easy.


Sharp MX-4141 MX-5141


Sharp have continued on from the award winning MX-2640 range and have made them even faster printing at 41 or 51 copies per minute in both mono and colour and have also added a 150 sheet dual scan document feeder so you can now scan both sides of your original in one pass, this massively increases the scans per minute to upto 170 double sided scans per minute and also like the MX2640 range it also comes wifi/network and postscript ready as standard.







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