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Photocopier service and repair


As a independent sharp main dealer with over 20 year experience we can help you with the repair of your existing equipment. We can get most parts of any Sharp machine manufactured within the last ten years next day but we also have most parts needed to keep you running in stock.

You will be visited by a experienced engineer within a few hours, and over 90% of our calls are fixed in one visit. You will be given a price BEFORE we visit and this will be a minimum charge for the call and also depending on the fault a maximum charge for a worse case scenario , The engineer will physically show you the faulty part where possible and explain why it needs to be changed and then leave you the old part so there no misunderstandings.


We hope that once your machine is up and running you will be impressed enough to replace the machine with us when you change or we can offer to put the machine on one of our cost per print plans but this is your choice.


Trade Photocopier service and repair

In this fast moving world customers are moving around more and more or buying directly from head office and we are always looking for service partners. If you have a customer that has moved into the Wiltshire area and you need support with the copier service and repair we can help.

We can offer a direct service where we take over the service of the photocopier or we can provide you an indirect approach where the customer contact you first and then you place the call with us. 

All calls will be done in a timely and professional manor as we know the importance of representing your company.

Our Engineers are experienced in the service and repair of not only the current Sharp mx range but also can repair the sharp mx-m range as well as the older ar-m range, They are so experienced they can also service the older sharp AR range of machines although parts for this range are now on close out so can be a little harder to obtain.

In fact our service manager can repair the original SF range and his first training course was on the Sharp SF755 back in the 1980s.


You can contact us by the form below or call us on 01793 435888

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